Our Design Process

We care about people... and their journey when using online products. Our process includes a marriage of customer and user experience best practices, bridged by progressive digital technology. We follow a proven problem-solving path to build engaging, meaningful experiences.

    1. Define

    2. Research

    3. Analyze

    4. Plan

    We ask lots of questions and listen carefully. Our discovery process involves defining personas, performing card-sorting exercises, analyzing data and then planning... so that we're armed with the right information to frame the right concepts.

    1. Architect

    2. Write

    3. Prototype

    4. Test

    As creatives, we assemble information (color, form, measurement and expression) in its embryonic stage to create visual concepts. We then test and get user feedback. As your concept matures, we become stronger architects for your final vision.

    1. Design

    2. Engineer

    3. Integrate

    4. Deploy

    In this cycle research, visual design, and human-computer interaction encounters its technological infrastructure. Through agile practices and clean scripting, we ensure your website is engineered to perfection.

Ecommerce Websites

  1. Website Design

  2. Shopping Cart

  3. Product Catalog

  4. Checkout

  5. Product Pages

  6. Hosting/Support

Digital Marketing

  1. Social Monitoring

  2. Brand Design

  3. Pay Per Click

  4. Email Campaigns

  5. Optimization

  6. Digital Strategy

Systems Integration

  1. Accounting

  2. Content Management

  3. Analytics

  4. Social Media

  5. Customer Relationship

  6. Notifications