As entrepreneurs, we’ve all been there. You’re refining your sales process or business logistics. You're developing a marketing campaign or blog content. You're expanding your brand or planning a startup. One moment you’re on a creative high spewing ideas like the pro you are – then next, you’re out of ideas... good ones at least. No worries, an MBA equivalent of business ingenuity isn't required. Here's a few solutions to help you reconnect with your naturally creative self.

1. Think Like Your Customers

Much of what we do as entrepreneurs is motivated by our customers. On the flip side, we fail to think like our customers. We find ourselves over thinking our goals versus our customers' pain points. So, the next time you're stumped on your next idea or solution, try creating customer scenarios, and planning from there.

2. Change Your Atmosphere

When my business partner needs to quickly manifest fresh ideas, he’ll pry himself from his chair and pace through the office – even venture outside a few minutes. Soon after, he rushes back in, excited about new ideas flooding his mind. Sometimes, you just need a change in atmosphere. Observing the unexpected in nature or a new face can be just what you need to renew your mind.

3. Rest, Relax, and Deflect

We all become overwhelmed and exhausted. As busy entrepreneurs, we feel we can't take breaks. The solution: Take a break – and don’t feel guilty about it. Reserve two hours to enjoy a hobby, your family, a nap, or happy hour with friends. Don’t fret on the tasks before you. Reflect on your accomplishments, and have fun. This break is what you need to recharge and resurface those brilliant ideas.

4. Listen to Music

So you may not have the luxury to break for two hours - that’s ok. While busy working on your ideas, play music. Not just any tune. Find music that inspires you to dream big and be imaginative. Spend a few minutes daydreaming to the melody.

It will excite brain cells, relax nerves, and quickly stimulate new ideas.

5. Brainstorm

Dust off your pen, paper, and whiteboard. Let's doodle, jot down notes, and scribble. Whiteboarding is one of the most popular methods to capture creative ideas. Relying on iPads, computers, or recorders are reliable solutions – but scribbling ideas as they appear (as silly as they seem) will help speed up creativity.

6. Research

Your body needs exercise – so does your brain. The more we read and write, the more creative we become. When you find yourself in a rut, seek out topic-related books, videos, or websites. Read advice from your peers and experts in the field.

Soon, you’ll be filled with enlightening, problem-solving solutions to move forward.

7. Make Time to Think

Trying to uncover creative ideas within the chaos of care-taking children, cooking, listening to lectures, or juggling other projects are major distractions. One of the most challenging aspects of entrepreneurship is self-discipline. In these environments, you lack the ability to focus. Schedule a time, and reserve a quiet space to concentrate. Let employees or family know not to disturb you.

8. Don't Give Up

Finally, the most important tip we can communicate is to never give up. For whatever the reason, we become unmotivated business owners. We feel we don’t have what it takes – we feel like failures. Don’t believe that. Always remain positive. Rest a little, read a little, love a lot, pray a lot – and you’ll discover a new world of bright ideas, creative solutions, and endless business possibilities.

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